Zatik Softening & Hydrating Maca Conditioner


Hydrating Detangling Conditioner

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Zatik Softening & Hydrating Maca Conditioner for the hair is a gentle lightweight penetrating cream with mineral rich extracts from Maca, a root plant from Peru, astragalus, horsetail, and Siberian ginseng for healthier and stronger hair. Maca is an adaptogenic plant that helps to restore hair shine and strengthen the stranded hair follicles.Apply the conditioner to wet hair by massaging for 3-5 minutes follow with a splash of water to evenly distribute the conditioner.  Rinse the hair well with warm water.Why We Love It: Works for all hair types Gentle on hair Made with organic herbs Fast acting Works for all skin types Organic USDA-certified Made in the USA Packaging 70% recycled with soy ink