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Wellness #1 Baseline Panel is a baseline assessment of health and contains 21 separate laboratory tests including:

 Lipid Panel With Total Cholesterol:HDL Ratio:

Cholesterol, Total: A sterol in the blood used to assess heart health. Knowing your cholesterol level is just as essential as knowing your blood pressure. High cholesterol levels often indicate an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Triglycerides: Fat in the blood, responsible for providing energy to the body’s cells. Triglycerides should remain less than 400 mg/dl even when the body is in a non-fasting state.

HDL Cholesterol: High-density lipoproteins, or “good” cholesterol, take cholesterol away from the cells and transport it back to the liver for removal or processing. Low HDL can result from a lack of exercise and smoking, while people with high levels of HDL may have lower chances of heart disease.

LDL Cholesterol: Low-density lipoproteins (calculation); or “bad” cholesterol, contain the highest percentage of cholesterol and are thought of as responsible for depositing cholesterol on the artery walls.

Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: This ratio is calculated by dividing the total cholesterol by the HDL cholesterol, and is used by healthcare professionals to determine your relative risk for developing heart disease.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP-14) with eGFR Blood Test:

Glucose Level: The glucose test identifies blood sugar levels, the most direct way to not only discover diabetes, but to evaluate options for controlling the disease as well.

Kidney Profile: 

BUN or Urea Nitrogen: Indicates kidney function by measuring the by-product of protein metabolism eliminated through the kidneys.
Creatinine, Serum: Indicates kidney function.
BUN/Creatinine Ratio: Provides assessment of kidney function by dividing the BUN by the Creatinine.
Glomerular Filtration (eGFR): Provides an assessment of the kidney’s filtering capacity.

Liver panel: 

Protein, Total: When paired with albumin, measures the body’s state of nutrition.
Albumin Serum: One of the major proteins in the blood. It reflects the body’s general state of nutrition.
Globulin, Total: Another major group of proteins in the blood, comprising the infection fighting antibodies.
Albumin/Globulin Ratio: This ratio is calculated by dividing the albumin by the globulin.
Bilirubin, Total: A chemical involved with liver functions. Elevated concentrations may lead to jaundice.
Alkaline Phosphatase: A body protein important in identifying proper liver and bone functionality.
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST or SGOT): An enzyme found in liver, heart muscle, skeletal and other organs. Abnormalities in concentration levels may indicate liver disease.
Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT or SGPT): An enzyme found mainly in the liver. Abnormalities may indicate liver disease.

Fluids & Electrolytes: 

Sodium, Serum: Sodium is one of the most important salts in the body fluid, critical to helping maintain the body’s water balance and the electrical activity of muscles and nerves.
Potassium: Helps control the muscles and nerves.
Chloride Serum: Helps ensure electrolyte balance in the body, similar to sodium.
Carbon Dioxide, Total: Ordered as part of an electrolyte panel. The electrolyte panel is used to help detect, diagnose and monitor electrolyte imbalances.
Calcium:  A mineral essential for development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It is important also for the normal function of muscles, nerves and blood clotting).