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Measurement of vitamin B5 level. 

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Vitamin B5 is also called Pantothenic acid, which gets its name from the Greek root “pantos” meaning everywhere because it is widely available in a variety of foods.This vitamin is necessary to synthesize cholesterol, produce red blood cells, maintain a healthy digestive tract and breakdown fats and carbohydrates. A lot of vitamin B5 is lost when food is processed during refining, canning, and/or freezing food, so it is important to eat fresh foods.

Vitamin B5 deficiency is rare, but may include symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, irritability, vomiting, stomach pains, burning feet, and upper respiratory infections

Results of the Vitamin B5 test are for investigational purposes only. The performance characteristics of this assay have been determined by LabCorp. The result should not be used as a diagnostic procedure without confirmation of the diagnosis by another medically established diagnostic product or procedure.