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Blue Light Blocking With Style

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Swanwick Sleep’s Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed to block out blue wavelength lights that have become part of our life, limiting our sleep, making us more irritable, and hindering our success.Our current digital age bombards us with artificial light constantly. The sun provides light for us in the day, and traditionally once it sets our light sources only came from fire, moonlight, and candlelight. As technology evolved, streetlights, store lights, car lights, billboard signs, television, computers, and smartphones are on 24/7. We live in an era full of light pollution — blue light specifically — and without protection from blue light, we put our health at risk.Blue light is specific to electronics, and since the last thing most of us look at before we try to get shut eye is a phone, laptop, or television, we alter our body’s internal clock and fool it into thinking it’s still day time; this leads to poor sleep. Although poor sleep becomes the initial problem, it can lead to irritability, fatigue, ongoing insomnia, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.Swanwick Sleep’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses solves two problems at once: constant blue light and style. It’s not realistic for us to stay indoors and live by candlelight. Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses’ use amber lenses to block blue light wavelength, allowing your body to naturally produce melatonin. This ensures you fall asleep easier and spend more time in deep, restorative, REM sleep during the night.The stylish frames separate Swannies from most blue light blocking glasses, that are large, clunky, and resemble construction goggles. This allows you to enjoy a night out while blocking all the blue lights that will force you to stay up when you finally head health.Swannies can also be used as pre-sleep glasses. Just pop them on 90-minutes before bed and enjoy using your electronics or watching television. Once it’s time to fall asleep, your body will respond almost immediately to your internal clock. The result is a more refreshed, energized, and relaxed you every morning.If you wear prescription lenses and need to block out blue light, try Swanwick Sleep Swannies Fitovers: Blue Light Blocking Glasses.Why We Love It: Blocks harmful blue light from electronics (PC, Laptop, Phones, TV, streetlights, cars, billboards) Reduces digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome Perfect for night owls Stylish and able to be worn outside fashionably Designed for long-term use and comfort Natural sleep aid suitable for men, women children Prevents insomnia and many common sleep disorders Anti-fatigue Anti-glare Anti-reflective FDA Registered