Surthrival Pine Pollen Capsules


Gold Standard In Nutrient-Dense Foods

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Surthrival Pine Pollen capsules are the perfect foundation for elite nutrition. This super-charged elixir contains over 200 bioactive nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help unlock peak physical and mental health. Pine Pollen has been a staple in Chinese and Korean medicine for more than 2,000 years and has been shown to restore energy, eliminate signs of aging, battle fatigue, and build a strong immune system. Surthrival Pine Pollen can be consumed daily to help restore a healthy endocrine system and balance androgen and estrogen levels.Why We Love It: Restore hormone levels in Andropause and Menopause Pine Pollen capsules regulate and strengthen the immune system Reduce cholesterol Relieve rheumatic pain Enhance metabolic function of the skin and nourish the hair at its roots Adjust the endocrine system and raise immunity power of the organs Improve endurance for high efficiency and quick pace Protect the cardiovascular system and increase superoxide dismutase levels (potent antioxidant) in the heart, blood, liver, and brain Improve metabolism and regulate weight Accelerate activity of the liver cells and regulate bile secretion Regulate prostate function Common cold preventative Restore androgen and estrogen balance Improve metabolism and regulate weight (safe and toxic-free fat-lowering supplement) Nourish the brain Stimulate liver regeneration Increase free testosterone levels in the blood Dramatically improves your vitality and staminaVitamins: Vitamin A B-Carotene • Vitamin B1 • Vitamin B2 • Vitamin B3 • Vitamin B6 • Folic Acid • Vitamin D • Vitamin EMinerals:Calcium • Copper • Iron • Manganese • Magnesium • Molybdenum • Phosphor • Potassium • Selenium • Silicon • Sodium • Zinc father’s dayfire30