Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo Adjustable


The Only Natural Defecation Posture 

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Use coupon code ‘poop’ to get 15% OFF Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo Adjustable  represents a brand new step in the Squatty Potty evolution. With this health-giving booster stool you can adjust height of seat for optimal bowel movements.This updated model easily adjusts between 7” and 9” heights so you can find the best height for you. It’s hand-made from renewable bamboo and delivers ultimate style and bowel release.In other words, it lets you poop the way humans are supposed to! The Squatty Potty Bamboo is natural, 100% renewable, hand-made, and it slides out of the way under your toilet when not in use. Bamboo is considered as strong as steel and will not break under pressure. Read more on the Power of Squatting on HoneyColony.Why We Love It: Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo Adjustable  Helps With Constipation End Hemorrhoids Prevents Colon Disease Addresses Pelvic Floor Issues Makes Pooping More Effective & Fun Economical & Durable Made In America 100% Natural Renewable Bamboo Made with Formaldehyde-Free Glues and Resins Adjustable Height Water and Mold Resistant Lifetime Guarantee Weight Capacity: 350 lbs*Assembly RequiredHealth Benefits of  Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo AdjustablePrimary (simple) constipation is often a consequence of habitual bowel elimination on common toilet seats. A considerable proportion of the population with normal bowel movement frequency has difficulty emptying their bowels, the principal cause of which is the obstructive nature of the recto-anal angle and its association with the sitting posture normally used in defecation. When you squat, the recto-anal angle associated with the position permits smooth bowel elimination. No more straining!Learn more about this miracle invention in these thoroughly researched articles:The Power Of Squatting The Art Of Defecation: 2 Solutions For Health & SustainabilityWhy Americans Are The Worst Poopers (And What To Do About it)Hemorrhoid Symptoms: 5 Ways To Get Your Bum BackListen to Howard Stern’s show, plugging the Squatty Potty.Watch the educational video about the effects of improper toilet posture and how it can affect your health. How using a Squatty Potty toilet stool can help with straining issues such as hemorrhoids, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, bloating and IBS:   Please note that if you are shipping this out of the US, the cost will be high as we use USPS. please contact support@honeycolony.com if you are interested or have questions.