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Just Thrive Probiotic has created the first all-spore probiotic that features proprietary strains for optimal health. Where most probiotics barely make it to intestines alive, Just Thrive Probiotic survives in stomach acid for transport into the intestines.Just Thrive is superior on so many levels. Essentially, Just Thrive is creating a paradigm shift in probiotics because it is an entirely different approach to probiotic therapy. First, the strains in Just Thrive survive 100 percent through the gastric system and they do this naturally, not by enteric coating.  Most common lactobacillus and bifidobacterium organisms are very sensitive organisms and have tremendous difficulty surviving the harsh gastric system and therefore are dead upon arrival into the intestines.Even if these lacto/bifico strains do make it into the intestines alive, they do not colonize and attach to the intestinal cell wall, many simply pass through like food.  The strains in Just Thrive on the flip side, have a 21 day life cycle where they bind and colonize – and they even have the ability to read the microbial environment – they have the capability to identify and kill off pathogenic organisms and also are able to identify our good bacteria and create compounds and nutrients to help our good bacteria thrive.  These strains are essentially the gardener of the gut where they “pull the weeds and condition the soil”.  These are normal gut commensal organisms meaning they belong in the gut and have the ability to competitively exclude pathogenic or overgrown organisms.Not only is Just Thrive a potent probiotic one of the strains in Just Thrive (Bacillus indicus) creates a fully array of antioxidants right inside of the intestines – right where they need to be absorbed!  So, we have a probiotic and antioxidant in one.Just Thrive is a research-based company and has just completed the first human clinical trial on leaky gut – the pilot data was incredible showing us that these strains are healing leaky gut!  The final report should be available soon.  They also are about to start a second human clinical trial on hashimotos.  Just Thrive is made under pharmaceutical standards and the strains are DNA verified and certified from London University Royal Holloway.Probiotics are a necessary microorganism supplement that introduce friendly bacteria in the digestive tract to promote healthy gut function. In today’s world where processed foods and toxins such as glysophate (Roundup), antibiotics and vaccines compromise the intestines, it’s vital to feed your system good bacteria that bolster your immune system. The gut has become recognized as the central location for combating ailments. Seventy percent of the immune system resides in the gut. Everything we consume ends up in the gut. If essential nutrients aren’t properly synthesized and if unnecessary and unhealthy bacteria and chemicals are absorbed in the body, our health decreases and the risk for sickness increases. That’s why leaky gut is so prevalent today.Currently the foods and beverages we consume are full of additives, pesticides, and foreign contaminants that offer no benefits . With the addition of probiotics, our digestive organs can efficiently break food down and absorb the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will keep our body working at its peak.Most probiotics fail for a simple reason — stomach acid breaks them down before they start working. Just Thrive Probiotic has 100 percent Survivability, allowing it to live through stomach acid and make it inside the intestines intact. In addition to adding healthy bacteria, Just Thrive produces high levels of potent carotenoids (antioxidants) at the absorption site (most antioxidant supplements do not survive the stomach, either).Suggest Dose: Adults and children above the age of 3: One (1 ) capsule per day or as directed by your physician. Capsules also can be opened and mixed with food for consumption.Why We Love It: Survives harsh stomach acid conditions Aids in antioxidant production Aids in digestion Supports healthy bowels Supports healthy immune function 100 percent sustainability All natural Vegan Paleo Non-GMO No artificial flavors or colors Soy, gluten, dairy, sugar, wheat, filler, allergen, and binders free Proud supporter of Vitamin Angels