IgE Inhalants Blood Test- Genova Test Kit- Walk-In Lab, LLC


Chemiluminescent test to evaluate serum IgE antibody levels to 14 region-specific common pollens and environmental inhalants. This is an ideal test for patients with suspected environmental and/or seasonal allergies.  

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Specimens must be received in the laboratory within 24 hours of collection. Prior to collection the Freezer brick must be frozen a minimum of 8 hours before shipping. Interfering factors to the antibody test: Glucocorticosteroids (ex:oral prednisone and/or steroid metered-dose inhaler), chemotherapy, immunosuppressive medications. Non-interfering factors to the antibody test: antibiotics, antihistamines, and antidepressants. Test may cause inaccurate results if the patient has liver damage or HIV infection.

ANALYTE LIST (14 chosen from your region): 

  • Alder Tree- IgE
  • Australian Pine Tree- IgE
  • Bahia Grass- IgE
  • Bermuda Grass- IgE
  • Birch Tree- IgE
  • Brome Grass- IgE
  • Canary Grass- IgE
  • Cat dander- IgE
  • Cocklebur- IgE
  • Cockroach- IgE
  • Common Ragweed- IgE
  • Cottonwood Tree- IgE
  • Cultivated Oat Grass- IgE
  • Dandelion- IgE
  • Dog dander- IgE
  • Elm Tree- IgE
  • English Plantain- IgE
  • Eucalyptus Tree- IgE
  • Giant Ragweed- IgE
  • Johnson Grass- IgE
  • June Grass (Kentucky Blue)- IgE
  • Lamb’s quarters- IgE
  • Maple Tree- IgE
  • Mesquite Tree- IgE
  • Mite Generic- IgE
  • Mold Generic- IgE
  • Mountain Cedar Tree- IgE
  • Nettle- IgE
  • Oak Tree- IgE
  • Olive Tree- IgE
  • Orchard Grass- IgE
  • Pecan Tree- IgE
  • Perennial Rye Grass- IgE
  • Red Top- IgE
  • Rough Marsh Elder- IgE
  • Rough Pigweed- IgE
  • Russian Thistle- IgE
  • Scale- IgE
  • Sweet Vernal Grass- IgE
  • Timothy Grass- IgE
  • Total IgE
  • Walnut Tree- IgE
  • Western Ragweed- IgE
  • White Mulberry Tree- IgE