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30 Online Lessons Access to 12 Live, Monthly Coaching Calls

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Identify and Attack ADD, and Take Back Control of Your Life Through This Course!

This online course provides you with the knowledge and tools to tackle your ADD at home. The Healing ADD Course contains 30 lessons to help you understand the 7 types of ADD. We show you:

  • Behavior Strategies for Each Type
  • Healing ADD with Food and Exercise
  • Killing ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Strengthening Impulse Control
  • Calming Your Busy Brain
  • Overcoming Barriers

Bonus Course Materials Include:

  • Healing ADD Public Television Special Q & A
  • Healing ADD at Home Journal
  • Healing ADD Through Food e-Cookbook by Tana Amen
  • Free year membership to Brain Fit Life