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Used to assist in diabetes management.  

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High blood glucose and glycemic variability can not only affect how you feel, they can cause serious health issues. The GlycoMark test is a non-fasting blood glucose test for people with diabetes that provides information that A1C and other tests can’t.

The blood test is used to assess glycemic control and fluctuations over a 1 to 2 week period.  The GlycoMark blood test is a relatively new laboratory test and is used in conjunction with A1c, which looks at glycemic control over a 2 to 3 month period.  The test is very useful in determining if an individual is experiencing extreme spikes in blood glucose levels after meals.  Other glucose tests are very good at measuring blood glucose levels at the time of testing but do not give the fuller picture of glucose fluctuations that the GlycoMark test offers. 

The GlycoMark test measures the presence of the “good” glucose-like sugar 1,5-AG in your blood. The higher your blood glucose peaks, the lower the amount of 1,5-AG in your blood. And the lower your GlycoMark test value. With A1C, your score increases when your blood glucose increases. Your GlycoMark result actually decreases when your blood glucose spikes.  

Provides a clear picture of actual glycemic control not provided by either hemoglobin A1c or fructosamine.