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A galectin-3 test may be ordered for the identification of individuals with chronic heart failure at elevated risk of disease progression. from Walk-In Lab, LLC

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Galectin-3 is one of the most widely studied galectins, a family of soluble B-galactoside-binding lectins that play a regulatoryrole in inflammation1. Galectin-3 affects the synthesis of matrixcompounds, such as type I collagen2.When the cardiac tissue is injured, macrophages infiltrate the tissue and secrete galectin-3, which promotes collagen synthesis and ultimately leads to cardiac fibrosis..Galectin-3 is independent of, and complementary to, natriuretic peptides as they identify separate and distinct biological processes. Galectin-3 is a mediator of cardiac fibrosis and adverse cardiac remodeling, whereas natriuretic peptides suchas NT-proBNP or BNP identify myocardial stretch.