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Stay calm, cool and even-keeled with GABA Calming Support. Dr. Amen’s exclusive formula contains nutrients that help act as the biochemical “brakes” your brain needs to slow down your anxious or fretful thoughts.

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Handle the ups and downs of life with more composure

When you’re more calm and collected, you’re much less likely to overreact to the inevitable frustrations of life – and far more likely to think clearly and respond appropriately.

If your hectic schedule (and these days that means everyone) is causing you too much aggravation, frustration, and irritability, take a deep breath and try GABA Calming Support.

GABA Calming Support helps support the production of calming brain waves, correct stress-causing nutritional deficiencies, and promotes relaxation. The formula’s key ingredient, GABA, is shown in studies to help increase calming brain waves, while reducing “anxious” brain waves.

This comprehensive relaxation formula also includes vitamin B6 and magnesium, as well as lemon balm, an herb traditionally known for its calming effects.