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This test is typically ordered when someone is experiencing symptoms of fluoride exposure especially if they have had contact with chemicals containing fluoride or work in an industry where airborne exposure to fluoride is common.

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The Fluoride Blood test is used to measure environmental or occupational exposure to fluoride.  Fluoride is a mineral which is important for developing healthy teeth and bones. Over exposure to fluoride can cause symptoms such as respiratory problems, stomach pains, and neurological problems. Over time, fluoride exposure can result in weakened bones and damage to the kidneys, thyroid, and brain. Fluoride is used in a number of industries such as glass manufacturing, aluminum, iron, steel, oil and fertilizer. It is also commonly found in chemicals used to kill insects and rodents and may be found in drinking water. While fluoride may be found in products such as toothpaste or vitamins, it is rare to suffer ill effects unless a person ingests large amounts of these products.