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Used to determine if there has been muscle damage especially the heart.

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A Creatine Kinase (CK) Blood Test or CPK Test is used to detect,  evaluate,  and monitor muscle damage,  including damage to the heart.

The Creatine Kinase Blood Test is also known as CK, Creatine Phosphokinase, CPK, and Total CK. No fasting is required for a CPK Test, and results will be delivered in 1-2 days. This blood test does not require a doctor’s order or insurance.

Creatine kinase (CK), also known as creatine phosphokinase (CPK), is an enzyme found in the heart, skeletal muscle, brain, and other tissues, which is released into the bloodstream when a muscle is damaged. Elevated CK levels generally indicate that there has been some damage to the heart or other muscle due to myocardial infarction (heart attack), rhabdomyolysis (rapid muscle tissue breakdown), myositis (inflammation of muscles), myopathies (muscular diseases) such as muscular dystrophy, and other conditions. If test results indicate elevated levels but location of the damage is unclear, a CK-MB Test or CPK Isoenzymes Test may be ordered. There are three types of creatine kinase in the body, which are referred to as isoenzymes: CK-MB (found mostly in the heart), CK-MM (found in skeletal muscles and the heart), and CK-BB (found mostly in the brain). Determining which isoenzyme is high can help identify the location of muscle damage.