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This test measures the amount of a substance called Carnitine in your blood. It looks at how much usable or “Free” Carnitine you have. It compares that with the total amount in your body.

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The analysis of carnitines is indicated in patients who exhibit the following: failure to thrive, hypotonia, chronic muscle weakness, cardiomyopathy, intermittent episodes of weakness and encephalopathy, renal Fanconi’s syndrome, hypoglycemic episodes, metabolic acidosis, or hypoketotic dicarboxylic acidurias.

Carnitine is a compound that’s present in nearly every part of your body. Your cells normally use the fats in your body for energy. Without carnitine, your body has trouble digesting fatty acids. It can’t turn fats into energy. It uses the sugar in your blood for energy instead.

Some people have a carnitine deficiency. If your body can’t use carnitine, you have low blood sugar and can become weak, tired, and anemic. You may have heart and kidney problems. Some people even get progressive muscle diseases like muscular dystrophy.

This test is useful if you are being treated for type 2 diabetes, cancer, an enlarged heart, or kidney disease. In some cases, these conditions can affect how you use carnitine.