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Advanced Health Power for Your Brain and Entire Body! Includes the same great nutrients as Brain and Body Power, but at elevated levels for even greater support.

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Dr. Amen’s Convenient Daily Formula for even More Whole Brain/Whole Body Support

Brain & Body Power Max is recommended for those who are interested in a truly powerful dietary supplement for their brains. It provides your brain and the rest of your body with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts and neuro-nutrients – but at advanced levels.

This all-in-one supplement system makes it easy to stay healthy on the go with easy-to-carry packets for your purse or pocket. Each convenient daily packet contains the same supplements as Brain and Body Power, plus 2 additional capsules of Omega-3 Power and 2 additional capsules of Brain and Memory Power Boost.

NeuroVite Plus
Fifty vitamins, minerals and plant extracts (all in their most active forms) combine to give you the clinically-proven groundwork for your supplement regimen in NeuroVite Plus. NeuroVite Plus is also the only way to get Dr. Amen’s proprietary Brain Boosting Blend of brain-supporting nutrients.

Brain and Memory Power Boost
Dr. Daniel Amen’s bestselling brain-boosting formula will provide you with an all-star lineup of potent ingredients that support the brain’s energy, connectivity, and overall performance. This product is brain directed nutrition, grounded in solid basic and clinical science to support healthy brain and memory performance.

Omega-3 Power
Healthy brains and hearts require plenty of omega-3’s to operate at peak performance, and Omega-3 Power is an easy way to get them! It provides a much higher potency than the typical fish oil product.

Similar to eating fresh fish, Omega-3 Power provides a higher amount of DHA than EPA. This highly concentrated Norwegian-sourced fish oil undergoes the most advanced purification process in the industry to ensure safety and potency.