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Berkey Sport Water Bottle – Outdoor Water Filter Bottle

The Berkey Sport Water Bottle is a great choice for people who must have pure water available wherever they are. The Sport Berkey Bottle uses Berkey’s micro filtration adsorption methodology to provide you with the cleanest, best tasting water when you’re thirsty, wherever you’re thirsty.

  • The Sport Berkey Water Bottle is handy and just right for travel, outdoor activity and exercise
  • The Berkey Sport Bottle Filter uses the same filter medium as the larger kitchen Berkey Water Filter
  • The Sport Berkey Bottle water filter is designed to remove or dramatically reduce toxic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, detergents, pesticides, herbicides, chlorides, pharmaceuticals, petroleum-based products,  unpleasant tastes and odor, silt, sediment and chlorine
  • Sport Berkey Bottle Refill Capacity:
    • Untreated Water: 160 refills
    • City/Town Tap Water: 640 refills
  • The Berkey Sport Bottle is constructed from safe, non-leaching LDPE #4 that is non- BPA/BPS
  • The Sport Berkey Bottle should not be microwaved or put in the freezer
  • Hot water should not be run through the Sport Berkey Water Filter element

Manufacturer: Berkey Filters USA

UPC: 094922347831



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