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Test on a compound produced by intestinal bacteria and by cells in the body during the digestion of protein.

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At Walk-in Lab, we specialize in providing affordable, convenient, and confidential testing supplies that can uncover a host of maladies and health issues. One such test – the ammonia plasma test, can be quite telling when conducted appropriately, and the results may shed some light on possible liver issues if abnormalities are detected. This test gauges the amount of ammonia in the blood. Ammonia is most commonly formed when proteins are broken down with intestinal bacteria. The liver then takes this ammonia and converts it into a substance called urea. The urea is the eliminated through the urine. In cases where the ammonia levels in the bloodstream are rising too quickly, many health professionals will look to the liver to ensure proper functioning. Cirrhosis or extreme cases of hepatitis may be the culprits.

An ammonia plasma test is often conducted for one of the following reasons:
• To verify if the liver is functioning properly – especially if symptoms like excessive fatigue, coma, confusion, or hand tremors are present.
• To gauge the effectiveness of current treatments for severe liver diseases – commonly used to check on the level of cirrhosis in the liver.
• To detect and identify a disorder that affects the young that is called Reye Syndrome. This illness can damage the liver and the brain. Ammonia testing is often used to generate a prognosis for those with Reye Syndrome.
• To gauge the extent of bodily damage or health implications related to acute liver failure. The ammonia levels are a clear indicator of the effectiveness of the liver.
• Those receiving high-calorie IV nutritional supplements are often checked for ammonia content to ensure proper liver functioning.
Before the test, you’ll want to ensure that you follow the steps listed below:
• First, do not consume any food, liquids, or smoke cigarettes or cigars during the eight hours proceeding the test. You’ll also want to avoid any overly strenuous exercise prior to taking the test.
• A host of medicines will interfere with the ammonia blood test, so make sure that you tell your doctor if you are currently taking any meds. Your physician may ask you to stop taking your medication (when appropriate and in your best interests – health wise) from one to three days before the test.
• Abstain from consuming any alcoholic drinks or from smoking during the days leading up to the test. You may want to tell your doctor if you are an active smoker or drinker.

The ammonia plasma test from Walk-in Lab is a quick and convenient test that can help you uncover possible health concerns related to liver disease, cirrhosis, or other genetic urea cycle disorders. Quick results, an incredibly low price when compared to what you may pay through traditional medical testing centers, and the confidentiality that comes with our testing protocols means that you and your doctor will have a better understanding of the functioning of your liver. Results are available in as little as 24 hours, so order your kit today and complete the ammonia blood test to ensure an accurate prognosis of the health of your liver.