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We’ve combined two of our favorite products to give you the all-day energy to take your day head on.We all live chaotic lives. As the day drags on, we feel our body and our brain slowdown. We’re overworked, constantly distracted, and mentally drained. The coffee and foods we consume hoping to give us a jolt, can sometimes be poor quality and offer little to no all-natural energy.  Coffee for example makes us feel good in the moment, but after a few hours we crash. All-natural energy should always keep you feeling good.Our bodies need optimal energy sources to keep our muscles, joints, and brain active and alert. We combined BulletProof Coffee and Nutiva Coconut Oil , two all-natural products that together provide the focus you need for every day amazing results. A spoon of Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil into a cup of quality grade coffee will support total body health and provide all the benefits of caffeine without the side effects. Tackle every day without missing a single step. Nutiva Virgin Coconut OilNutiva Virgin Coconut Oil has no comparison when it comes to cold-pressed, organic virgin coconut oil. It’s light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color is the perfect substitute for any type of vegetable or corn oil that is used in the health for cooking.Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a healthy fat that makes up 50 percent of its composition. Lauric acid is found in mother’s milk and has shown promise in promoting a healthy heart, supporting weight loss, provide instant natural energy, and support immune health.Not only is Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil great for cooking, it can be used topically as an all natural moisturizer for the body. Coconut oil has many more numerous health benefits in the health and for our body.  Why We Love It: Certified organic and non-GMO Made from fresh coconuts, not dried copra Cold-pressed Unrefined Unbleached Unhydrogenated No Solvents Pure white like fresh coconut Tastes like fresh coconut!Why Does Coconut Oil Make BulletProof Coffee Better?What if we told you there was one simple way in which you could help your body burn more fat, allow you to be focused and alert, energize up your workout performance, and potentially give you random superpowers?Coconut oil is mostly made up of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). The main advantages of MCTs include: The ability to be absorbed quickly by the body (digestion) and quicker to use for immediate energy. Enhancing ketone production which have therapeutic (energy/cognitive) and nitrogen retention (protein sparing) advantages. MCT rich diets (compared to LCT, long-chain triglycerides) have been shown to increase EE (energy expenditure) and metabolic rates. MCT rich diets shown to better reduce hunger/suppress appetite.BulletProof Ground CoffeeBulletProof Ground Coffee has reinvented the cup of joe experience. Each package guarantees every pour is the highest quality brew with all the benefits of coffee and caffeine, without the negative side effects.54 percent of the US population enjoys a daily dose of coffee. Of that percentage, each drinker consumes an average of 3.1 cups. If you’re part of that percentage, ensuring you enjoy the best coffee is essential to coffee culture and the benefits coffee provides.Bulletproof has developed a special process to meticulously grow, harvest, process, roast and ship their Bulletproof Upgraded™ Coffee beans to prevent contamination from mold toxins that are common in food products originating in the tropics.  The process optimizes every step of coffee production by minimizing exposure and growth of performance-inhibiting mold (nearly 92 percent of beans are contaminated with mold, which releases mycotoxins that have been linked to numerous organ injuries and specifically liver cancer).Start the morning right with clean, bright and well-balanced flavor and loads of beneficial antioxidants. Bulletproof is the healthy coffee.You can choose to auto-ship BulletProof Ground Coffee during regular intervals here.Why We Love It: Free of mold and toxins Ftoxins that cause jitters, crashes, and headaches Antioxidant rich Improve performance All day focus High altitude grown on single estates Third-party tested to meet stringent Bulletproof standards Burns fat all day energy Low calorie Comes from 100% Arabica coffee beans grown in Central and South America.FAQSHow Many Milligrams Of Caffeine Are In A Cup Of Bulletproof Coffee?They roast Upgraded Coffee to a medium roast so the caffeine content should be about in the middle of the averages. Please see below the average mg of caffeine for an 8 oz. cup (7 oz. of liquid coffee other than the espresso) Depending on the brewing method used, caffeine can range between:Espresso (1 oz. shot): 60 – 100 mgBrewed: 80 – 200 mgDecaf Brewed: 3 – 6 mgHow Many Calories Are Are In A Cup Of Bulletproof® Coffee?A cup of regular black Upgraded™ Coffee contains roughly 1 calorie.Is my bag of Upgraded™ Coffee supposed to have a small hole in it?The coffee is not vacuum sealed but rather put into multi-layer foil bags that contain a one-way valve (the pin-sized hole you see). The valve allows the freshly roasted coffee to degas while minimizing oxidization degradation.Is Upgraded™ Coffee Made From Arabica Or Robusta Coffee Beans?How Long Will Upgraded™ Coffee Beans Stay Fresh?Upgraded Coffee beans will stay fresh for up to a year in the sealed package and up to 3 to 4 weeks after it’s been opened. However, Upgraded Coffee is best enjoyed within two weeks of receipt.For long term storage of whole beans of Upgraded Coffee, vacuum sealed storage with minimal degradation, and then freezing, works. Just don’t open it until it returns to room temp to prevent condensation which will ruin the beans!father’s day